If you think that print marketing has gone the way of Atlantis and Chichen Itza, think again. In a rapidly evolving digital world, print media continues to play a key role in marketing.


With the dizzying array of colors, sights, and sounds provided by digital media, many marketers neglect to appeal to one of our most powerful senses. Touch. As one of our first experiences in life, the sense of touch creates an instant connection between reader and material. The sheer physicality of print can give you an advantage when trying to build lasting connections.


Even in an increasingly Internet-savvy world, people are more likely to trust what they can touch. Well-crafted print material, such as brochures, inserts, and business cards, helps make a company look “real.” The mere act of committing ink to paper makes a promise to your prospects that you are a serious company with permanence in the marketplace.


Media research firm Innerscope Research — a biometrics, neuroscience, and eye tracking specialist — revealed that print is a relatively cognitive media. This makes it easier for readers to grasp detailed or complex messages. Plus, important brand information that may not otherwise be retained tends to stick better in readers’ minds. You can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your face-to-face interactions by using literature as a visual aid — the key is to probe for areas of interest by watching and listening carefully for reaction.


Print marketing collateral creates a physical reminder of your company and your brand. Unlike digital material, which vanishes into cyberspace with the click of a mouse, printed pieces can remain in people’s homes and offices for months.

Incorporating Print Into Your Marketing Strategy

The evidence is clear: print remains a powerful marketing medium. However, the best results come from creating a holistic marketing strategy that combines the strengths of both print and digital media. When employed together, this dynamic duo can engage on multiple levels and reach more people than each medium could ever do alone.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our print marketing series as we examine three simple ways to combine print media with digital media to create a successful marketing strategy.

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