In 2021, the American Society for Civil Engineers gave California a C- overall for its strained and aging infrastructure. Ranking even lower were road, stormwater, energy, levee and other infrastructure-public amenities critical to providing Californians a good quality of life. Deferred capital needs have slowed the engine of economic prosperity.

With the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2022 business opportunities abound. The law will pump billions of dollars into the economy over the next five years for vital infrastructure, including to repair and rebuild roads and bridges, improve airport runways, towers and terminals, modernize passenger rail, improve freight rail efficiency, create high-capacity transit and add broadband capacity.

Construction, manufacturing and engineering markets will accelerate.

The law is a boon for the construction industry. Demand will grow for a wide range of infrastructure facilities and systems. Companies that engineer water plants, manufacture pave roads, build railroads or engage in other infrastructure markets, have an unprecedented opportunity to grow their business.

Solid marketing/branding is essential to long-term success.

Competition for these funds will be strong. To take full advantage of the federal investments, businesses providing infrastructure services need brands that stands out from the crowd with websites and marketing products that get the job done. An industry leader for over 25 years, Profile by Design specializes in infrastructure markets with full-service development of internet and print marketing tools.

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