Today content marketing is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. Behind every successful brand, there’s content that really connects with the company’s audience. But why is content marketing important? In this post we will review 10 reasons content marketing is essential for brands (and how you can use it).

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing used to be just a way for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors, but now content marketing is essential for any successful campaign.
Behind any successful company is valuable content that resonates with their audience. To help you better understand the importance of content marketing, we’ve put together a list of the top advantages that it can provide your business:

6 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important

  1. Improves Brand Reputation
  2. Increases Conversions
  3. Improves SEO
  4. Cost-Effective Way to Market
  5. Increases Your Credibility
  6. Connects Your Brand with Customers


  1. Improves Brand Reputation

One of the greatest benefits great content can offer your business is building a positive reputation.
Every person or company faces challenges that they need to overcome in order to establish their brand name. To do this, it’s important for you to give your audience access to quality information that they need and want in today’s constantly changing digital environment.

By creating valuable articles for your audience, you will be able to build trust with your leads and customers.
If they read one of your high-quality articles, they will start to develop an opinion of your brand.
By providing compelling content that’s engaging, educational, and useful, you’ll be more likely to create a connection with your target audience.

Content-oriented marketing is vitally important to any modern brand, because it’s the backbone of most successful digital campaigns.

And as you publish content across platforms and share it with third parties or influencers, your leads and customers will see that you are an industry leader. They trust you more when they can see a high-quality stream

  1. Increases Conversions

One of the chief benefits of content marketing is its focus on conversions.

Research shows that better conversion rates mean bigger profits for your company’s bottom line.

Do you know what percentage of visitors convert? Research suggests that only about 3% of them turn into customers!

According to ABG Essentials, content marketing converts at a rate 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods.

The Content Marketing Institute even suggests that 61% of online consumers in the U.S. are influenced to buy after reading blog content.

Given these stats, it’s clear that content marketing can have a very positive influence on a businesses bottom line!

  1. Improves SEO

The importance of content marketing becomes more clear when we look at how it helps your business improve visibility through search engine optimization.

SEO is a powerful and effective tool for driving traffic to a website, which is ultimately the goal of any digital marketing campaign.
For SEO purposes, you want your web pages to be optimized by highlighting keywords, external sources, and content.

Content marketers need to keep in mind that content is what drives the SEO and content marketing efforts, not vice versa.
This means content should be created for search engine optimization purposes first, but also with a focus on providing valuable information to readers.

A study by HubSpot says that businesses that post SEO backed content at least 4 times a week, generate 4 times the traffic than businesses that post less.

The most benefit comes from coupling your SEO research with your content marketing efforts. Together they create a potent 1-2 punch that can bring real ROI to a business.

  1. Cost-Effective Marketing

While content marketing does have up-front costs, it is much more cost-effective compared to other content such as TV & radio ads.

For example, a study by MarketingProfs revealed that only 14% of marketers say they are spending less on content than 12 months ago while 78% said their content budget has increased.

Content is king in the marketing world. Those who are producing quality content, backed by SEO, are the ones getting ahead. All others are falling behind. Look no further than the large brands and the amount of content that they are putting out on a weekly basis.

Generating new leads in the life-blood of any business. If you want to have a sustainable business, you have to have a way to generate new leads.

Many turn to paid advertising. Yet, content marketing, if done well, can generate traffic just like ads, but continues to do so month after month, even after the bill for the content is paid. This is unlike paid ads, that stop generating traffic the moment that you stop paying for the ads.

The success of content marketing is striking. It costs about 62% less than other advertising tactics, generates three times as many leads, and reaches 65% more people.

The affordability of content marketing is attractive to large and small companies alike. You just can’t ignore the ROI that content marketing provides.

  1. Increases Your Credibility

Content marketing not only distinguishes you from your competitors, it also helps to build trust in the eyes of potential customers.

After all, if they don’t know who you are or what you stand for, they can’t give you their business.

There are many advantages that content marketing can have for a brand-name company:

  • Establishing expertise with your target market.
  • Strengthening your brand by showcasing content that is relevant to the company’s audience.
  • Generating more leads, and higher-quality leads than you would through other marketing efforts.
  • Content marketing also drives up customer loyalty when they are reached on a personal level with helpful content or offers that match their needs.
  1. Connects Your Brand with Customers

Content Marketing enhances your relationship with current customers.

Previously, we discussed the importance of quality content building a following and an audience.

This will undoubtedly lead to new leads for businesses looking to grow their client base.

But content marketing does more than just drive traffic.

It also generates new leads for your company, and connects with the audience on a personal level by providing content that is relevant to them.

The more connected your brand is to your customers, the more repeat and referral business you will experience.
BIA Kelsey reports that 61% of SMB revenue comes from repeat customers. Not only that, but brands that build customer loyalty see up to 10x more LTV than customers that are not connected to a brand.

All the more reason to strengthen your brands relationship with your customers and allow them to become evangelists for your business.


This article discusses the importance of content marketing for businesses of all sizes, detailing its wide range of benefits.

With quality content, you can reach your target audience and build relationships with your leads and customers.

If you want to see the benefits of content marketing firsthand, it’s time to get started.

Contact Profile by Design to develop an SEO backed content strategy with your target customers in mind!


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