The Call to Action: A Critical Element for Email Marketing Results

Congratulations – you’ve gotten a recipient to open your marketing email! Now What?

What is the goal of the email? That is, what do you want someone to do after they’ve read it? Most likely, you want them to go to your website. But you may also want them to call you, email you, or download information. Whatever it is that you want them to do next is your call to action (CTA). If your email doesn’t have a CTA, or if it’s not clear and easy to find, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the results you’re hoping for from your email campaign.

What It Should Say

You should test different call to actions to see what works best for you, but here are some basic tips:

  1. Use action verbs. For example, “Download Price List” is better than just “Price List”.
  2. Be specific – don’t just say “click here”.
  3. Be clear and honest. While a clever phrase might be in order, make sure you’re still straightforward as to what the result of the click will be.
  4. Keep it short. Use the body text of the email for the descriptive details – the CTA should be brief and direct.

Make It Easy to Find

Most emails should have more than one call to action, and at least one CTA should be “above the fold”, meaning you can see it without having to scroll. Be sure to repeat the CTA (or have a different one) at the bottom of the email too for those who do scroll down.

It’s also a good idea to have the CTA appear in both text and button form, and both versions should draw attention with a color that stands out from the rest of the email.

In addition to the unique CTA, be sure to also always make it easy to find the links in the email that allow the reader to click through to your website and social media pages, as well as how to contact you by email and phone.

There’s More to It

Crafting good call to actions is just one of the many important features that can make an email marketing campaign more successful. And CTAs are needed in other places too: on your website, in your social media, and even in your print marketing materials. Profile by Design can help ensure that your marketing efforts are on track, results oriented, and include all the right details.

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